Glenn and Stephanie Hartigan


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Glenn Hartigan

Glenn started riding as a boy in his native Canada, but gained most of his professional experience in the equestrian powerhouse nation of Germany. During this time, Glenn successfully acquired the German National Federation's highly recognized professional trainers license, aka. Pferdewirt-Reiten or Bereiter FN. Pursuing another interest of his, Glenn also earned his Course Designer's license while in Germany.

Nearly ten years of competing, against Europe's best, honed Glenn's skills in the dressage and gymnastic work so important to the training of today's modern show jumpers. Several championship titles and many ribbons, from young horse classes to Grand Prixs, have been the result of the patient and disciplined approach that distinguishes Glenn's training and teaching style.

Now, back in North America, Glenn is proud to offer his skills and experience in the training of aspiring jumper, equitation and hunter riders. In addition, to the training of horse and rider, Glenn frequently travels to Europe with clients to shop for horses and visit his broodmares and youngsters in Germany.

Glenn and Connor Hartigan
winning at TIEC.